Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Contribute to Wikipedia ?

Help Wikipedia by Adding Useful Information

Wikipedia is ad free and one of the best encyclopedia in the world. You may notice for each query Wikipedia is coming in top positions of Google SERP's or any other search engine. The reason for coming Wikipedia in top positions is that it is providing unique and useful information and Wikipedia has strong internal linking and results its one of the number one website in world. There are many persons who are contributing to Wikipedia by writing and Do you know you can also contribute to Wikipedia by writing ?

Actually, Wikipedia is a open source website and anyone can contribute to Wikipedia even without registering to it.

Also, you can start a topic and edit any topic on Wikipedia but your information must be reliable and useful for users and must be according to the guidelines of Wikipedia.

If you cannot donate to Wikipedia then the best option for you at this time is to add useful information in Wikipedia.

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