Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Way to Navigate Google - Google's Homepage New Look

Google's Homepage New Look

I think Google is experimenting the new look of homepage. The new homepage has no black navbar. It just have the 'Google Logo' on the top of left side and by clicking a drop down menu bar is coming and from their user can select +You, Search, Image, Maps, YouTube, News, Gmail, Documents, More.

A Welcome message is appearing on the top of Google homepage

"Welcome to the new way to navigate Google. Roll over the logo to have a look"

The new Google home page look is as follows (as on 11th December 2011)

Google Homepage New Look

By Clicking More option Google homepage is looking as follows

Google Home Page New Look

Did you notice this new change on Google Homepage ?

If you noticed this change on Google homepage then you can share your views about like or dislike of this new change.


  1. yes and hating it already! :(

  2. How do I get that? I use IE 9 and Google Chrome 16 (both updated) and I still get the old look, with the black navbar at the top.

  3. Are you using in IE 9 and Google Chrome 16 ? Or Are you using Google as location wise ?

  4. Please remove all the crap.. It's annoying. I'm a google fan because of its' clean, simplistic look. I'm now searching for a new search page now.

  5. TRASH IT!!!!!!!!!!!