Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Add Other User and Admin in Google Analytics (New Interface)?

How to Give Access to Others and Making New Admin in Google Analytics ?

If you are using Google Analytics and looking for guide to making administrator to anyone then you can make admin to anyone by the following steps.

(1) Login to Google Analytics.

(2) Now Go to the account for which you want to make admin to someone.

(3) Click on the small "settings icon" which is appearing at the top right hand side of orange bar.

Google Analytics Settings

(4) After clicking the "settings icon" you will see five tabs (a) Assets (b) Goals (c) Users (d) Filters (e) Profile Settings

Now click on the the "Users" tab for adding users and administrator.

Google Analytics Users Tab

(5) After clicking "User" tab you will see option for adding "New User"

Add User Google Analytics

(6) Now fill the Email Id of that person for which you want to make "admin" or "users" and click on create user. If you make admin to someone then Administrators have full access to all account profiles.

Google Analyics New Interface Make Admin

Hope this guide will be helpful for you.

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