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How to Add Products in Amazon Seller Account ? Guide for Adding Products, Creating Product Page on

How to Add Single Item, Multiple Items and Creating Product Page on ?

There are many methods for adding products in for selling. This guide will help you how can you add your products in your Amazon Seller account.

Step 1: Sign In Amazon Seller Account

First of all sign in to Amazon Seller Page.

Amazon Seller Account

Step 2: Amazon Inventory Page

After login, you will be redirect to "Amazon Inventory Page" from where you can add 'New Products', 'Upload New Items', 'Upload Multiple Items', 'can check your Payments' and many other important things related to your "Amazon Seller Page".

Amazon Seller Account with Navigation

Step 3: List Single Item

First of all you can start with “List Single Items”. Click on the “single items links” and you will be redirect to a new page and from their you can add "single item". Single Items can be added only under the other seller. (Actually, According to Amazon "The product you are adding may already exist on Amazon. Search our Catalog for the product you want to sell and save yourself some time")

Example: I searched the “Green Screen Kit” on given search box and a list came with those suppliers who are selling “Green Screen Kit” and I can add my product under any of one supplier.

Add a Product on Amazon (Single Item List)

Step 4: Sell Yours

After Clicking “Sell Yours” you will be redirect to a page from where you can list your product details.

Add Product Amazon

Step 5: Uploading Multiple Items

If you do not want to add "single item" then you have option for adding "Uploading Multiple Items" with a single click. To use this you have two options:

(a) Prepare Your Inventory File
(b) Upload Your Inventory File

Amazon Add Multiple Items

Step 6: Creating a Product Page

To start creating a detail page, first of all you must have to classify the product. Search the items which you want to create a product page. Same as in step 3. After searching item you will be redirect to a page where you can fill our product details.

Creating a Product Page Amazon

After clicking category you will redirect to a new page from where you can add details for product page.

Fill Form Amazon

Note: You must have UPC or EAN for creating a product page.

Step 7: Orders, Get Paid, Reports and Settings

You can also check Orders, Get Paid, Reports and Settings from your Amazon Seller account page.

Hope this guide helpful for you adding products in your "Amazon Seller Account"

If you are getting any problem with adding products in Amazon then you can post you query here.

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