Monday, December 12, 2011

Gmail - How to Revert to Old look ?

Google Changed Gmail Look - Gmail's New Look

Did you notice Gmail changed the design and structure and provided a new look ? But many of people and professionals did not want to adopted it easily. Actually, the main reason behind this is that people are 'use to the old things' and do not want to learn new things.

Unfortunately, One of my friend asked me how to revert back to old Gmail look ? and he do not want to adopted new look and want to revert back to old look. Then, I found the solution for it.

You can also revert back to old look by the following steps

(1) Login to your Gmail's Email Account

(2) Found the Setting Icons below your Gmail Id. (see image below)

(3) Click on the Settings and found the option Revert to old look temporarily.

How To Revert Old Look in Gmail

Note: Its a temporary change and I think Gmail will remove this option soon and everyone will be redirected to Gmail's new look.

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