Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to Make Attractive Ads in Google Adwords for PPC Campaign?

If you are a PPC Executive or PPC Manager and running adwords campaign for your client's project and looking for solution to how to make attractive ads then here you can find the solution for making attractive ads.

Tips for Making Attractive Ads

1) Make unique Title of ad (Make product title, your business title)

2) Try to includes offers, prices, discounts and promotions

3) Use keyword in the add (Do keyword analysis with Google adwords keyword tool)

4) Use Title of ad in URL (In landing page)

Examples of Attractive Ads


1st Ad Copy

Photo Studio Kit
Buy photo studio kit
Free shipping 25% discount.


2nd Ad Copy

MBA Admission 2012
MBA from top college
Register Now for scholarship.


Hope these tips will increase your click through rate and will increase your client's online business.


  1. Thank you for this tips that you've share to us. This is very useful for me.

  2. You can know how to make attractive ads to Google. Read the post to know more