Friday, February 10, 2012

Google Recommending Use Lightweight Versions, Blogger, Google Sites, Static HTML Pages for Your Website

Many webmasters saying their traffic is dropped from last many days whether its a Page Fold Algorithm or Google Panda Update. But how to recover from these.

Google recommending some points which might be helpful for the webmasters to get back their traffic.

Actually, Google Webmaster Central Blog update a post about Preparing your site for a traffic spike and the main points of this post as follows.

(1) Prepare a Lightweight Version of Your Site

Google recommending prepare a lightweight version of your website. Try to exclude images and flash from your website and try to use Static HTML pages rather than Dynamic HTML pages.

(2) Take Advantage of Stable Third-Party Services

Try to choose good hosting company. Google recommending Blogger, Google Sites

(3) Use Lightweight File Formats

Google recommending not to use PDF files in your website rather to use PDF files use plain HTML files.

(4) Make Tabular Data Available in CSV and XML Formats

If you offer numerical or tabular data (data displayed in tables), Google recommend also providing it in CSV and/or XML format.

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  1. Google is the great SE for everyone which saves the data with less weight, appreciate blogging...:)