Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet Navneet Panda, Who Made Google Panda Algorithm?

Who is the Founder of Google Panda Update?

Navneet Panda, a Google Engineer made this great algorithm against the low quality websites (which have no value, scrapers websites, copied content websites and which are not providing useful information to users)

First, Google Panda Algorithm released in February 2011 which was against low quality websites and spam websites. Recently Panda 3.8 updated on 25th June 2012.

Firstly, I was thinking it was just a name given by Google for this algorithm. But I researched on it who is the founder of this great algorithm? i.e. Google Panda Algorithm and I found some useful information related to Panda Update.

Google Engineer - Navneet Panda

Actually, this algorithm is made by a Google Engineer, Navneet Panda who is from India did his undergraduate course M. Sc Mathematics and Computing (Integrated 5-year course ) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Department of Mathematics. I want to see the photo of this great Google Engineer. But I found their is very few information about Navneet Panda available on the internet. Also, I could not found biography of Navneet Panda on Wikipedia. Only one line is published on Wikipedia and that is as follow

Google's new Panda machine-learning algorithm, made possible by and named after engineer Navneet Panda, was then used to look for similarities between websites people found to be high quality and low quality.

After It, I think there are more options from where I can get information about Navneet Panda i.e. on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

I searched Navneet Panda on Facebook, and fortunately I found one profile photo of Navneet Panda and I want to share that photo.

Navneet Panda on Facebook
After finding, Navneet Panda photo, I again searched about Navneet Panda and this time I found Navneet Panda's Website and Navneet Panda's Google Site (which is empty and which was

If I found more information about "Navneet Panda" then I will update here.


  1. Well, nice research you have done here. But you must know lol how many webmasters and bloggers were pissed after this update, and for sure they would not like this guy :)

    1. You are right many of them hate recent google updates and the people behind them.