Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What is the Meaning of free2rhyme@yahoo.com? Yahoo Mail Example ID

Meaning of free2rhyme@yahoo.com

Last night, One of my friend ask me on the phone about what is the meaning of this email id free2rhyme@yahoo.com showing on the Yahoo Mail Home Page while Login or Sign Up?

I know it was a funny question (because he is newbie to internet and do not about this). I think there may be many newbies who might be do not know the meaning of free2rhyme@yahoo.com If you are new to Yahoo Mail or Internet and do not know about it then you can get the meaning of it from here.

Actually, free2rhyme@yahoo.com is just an example id provided by Yahoo. Yahoo just given this for the example nothing else.

Yahoo want to explain you, that you can also made id some thing like this (It is an example ID) See the image below.

Yahoo ID Example - free2rhyme@yahoo.com

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  1. What a silly post... we want to know why did they put this specific id