Friday, November 2, 2012

What is the Google Engage program? What is the Eligibility to Apply Google Engage? Is It Free?

What is the Google Engage program?

Google Engage is a program that helps you master AdWords and other Google products – so you can help your clients and customers succeed online.

I think it is a good opportunity for us, to join Google Engage (Google new service for IT Companies, Agencies, Webmasters & Freelancer in India)

Google Engage Program
The Google Engage program is designed to educate and support those businesses that specialise in helping other businesses succeed online. Typical participants include interactive agencies, individual webmasters, web developers, and IT consultants. Participants can receive access to educational resources, live events, promotional materials, and a select number of free AdWords vouchers. When participants grow their online skills and further develop their knowledge of Google products, we believe they'll become more attractive to potential clients and more valuable to existing ones.

Who is eligible to apply for the program?

In order to qualify for the program, you and/or your business must:

Be physically based in India
Have a functioning business website
Specialize in web-services that help businesses succeed online (e.g. web-development, digital campaign management, etc.)
Be eager to spend time and resources promoting Google tools and services to your clients

Why register for the Google Engage program?

Program participants enjoy several benefits targeted at helping them acquire in-depth AdWords knowledge, gain an upper hand on their competition, and ultimately increase their profits. Benefits include:

AdWords vouchers that can be used to attract new clients (10 voucher limit initially)
Live events about the latest Google products and market insights

Opportunity to network with other program participants
Ready-made promotional materials to share with clients
Online trainings and other educational materials
Help in becoming an official Google AdWords Certified Partner

What is the cost for the Google Engage program?

Participation in the Google Engage program is free.

You can Apply Online at here

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