Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Google Panda Refresh on 18th September 2012 - This Time 0.7% of Queries Noticeably Affected

Google Panda Refresh on 18th September 2012

From last February, 2011 Google is refreshing Panda on the monthly basis. Last Google Panda refresh was updated on August 20th 2012. This time, On 18th September 2012, Google again refreshed the Panda and we can say this Panda refresh as Panda 3.9.2 or 4.1 (Google official does not declare any Panda version name) About this Panda, Google announced on their official Twitter Account which is as follow:

Panda refresh is rolling out—expect some flux over the next few days. Fewer than 0.7% of queries noticeably affected:

Google Panda Refresh - 18th September 2012

So, Your website is affected by this Panda refresh?, You can share your valuable comments about this Panda refresh at here.

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