Monday, September 10, 2012

Finally, Sachin Tendulkar on Facebook - What is the Official Facebook Page of Sachin Tendulkar? Who is Managing This Page? Did You Like It?

Sachin Tendulkar Joined Facebook - Official Webpage of Sachin Tendulkar on Facebook

So, Finally Sachin Tendulkar joined Facebook on Monday, 10th September 2012. If you are looking for Sachin Tendulkar official webpage on Facebook then you can find the URL of the official page of Sachin Tendular at here.

Within very few hours, 4.61 lakhs users liked Sachin Tendulkar official page, which is a very huge big number regarding likes on Facebook. Till now, while writing this post, official page has got 461,954 likes and 4,919 talking about this. I think and predict that official page of Sachin Tendulkar on Facebook will get 30 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs easily in coming days. (On Twitter, Sachin Tendulkar Followers are near about 26.8 Lakhs)

What is the URL of Sachin Tendulkar Official Facebook Webpage?

So, you want to like Sachin Tendulkar official page and could not found the URL then do not be panic! Just visit and hit like. (It is the official web page of Tendulkar on Facebook.)

Cover Image and Profile Picture - Sachin Tendulkar Official Page on Facebook

Who is Managing Sachin Tendulkar Official Page?

The official Facebook page of Sachin Tendulkar is managed by

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Did You Like Sachin Tendulkar Official Page?

You did not like Sachin Tendulkar official Facebook page? So, just visit and Hit Like for regular updations by Sachin Tendulkar on Facebook.

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  1. One time great is always a great. It is his greatness that makes all the difference with others. It is his quality of character that has had enhanced the spirit of people, a nation and the world as well. From this point of view we respect Sachin Tendulkar from the core of our heart. ……… Most unfortunately, by this time so many discussion exchanging hot words ignoring his true spirit remain along with his credibility in the same shelve. Who is going to pardon them, please? ……….. Finally, if fortune favours the brave, what will he leave behind for their store? After all Sachin has a loving heart and he will soon forget everything and enjoy life through his, so far I believe, acts of philanthropy. ………. I wish him peace and prosperity. It would be far more if I find him in the perspective of spirituality, not just a devotee following a religion and its belief. ……… O the great leader of Rajya Sabha, you will have to realize soon how people of our country suffer equally from corruption among the leaders and members of almost all the math, mission and mandir (temple).