Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Facebook Messenger - Download Facebook Messenger for Windows

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows

Its good news for those who love Facebook Chat. Actually, Facebook launch Facebook Messenger which is available for download for Windows operating system. You can now easily download Facebook Messenger

Now you can easily chat while browsing other websites, also you can check new comments, photo tags and more without using Facebook website, just download Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger - Look

Will you Like to Download Facebook Messenger?

I personally downloaded Facebook Messenger and using in my Windows 7 (According to Facebook Messenger Help, You can set up the app if you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 on your computer. Please note that we don't currently support Windows XP) and feel its good to use Facebook Messenger.

You can give your opinion about Facebook Messenger.

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  1. Hi, I think Facebook messenger service is best services for communication. Thanks for giving this services