Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Google Introduce New Stylish +1 Button

Google's New +1 Button

If you are using Google +1 Button on your website or blog then you will notice Google introduce new +1 button with new stylish look.

The new +1 button is of red color having small 'g' see image as below.

New +1 Buttons

If you want to see all +1 buttons and want to use +1 buttons for your website or blog then best option for you to simply visit Developer +1 Button Google official website and find out variety of +1 buttons.


  1. I noticed this yesterday when i logged onto my website. This is really nice. But will be nice if instead of changing style, Google spend more time on adding some new features to Google plus.

  2. I think that it's great since it's much more easier to click the button. Thanks.

  3. i like this button alot and i think this button will play role in ranking of website in future

  4. I think they make this button to copy Facebook like button