Sunday, March 31, 2013

Top 10 Companies to Work for in India

Best Companies to Work for in India

If you are looking for best company in India to work then here you can found list of top 10 companies of India.

Top 1 - Tata Consultancy Services: Tata Consultancy Services, India's largest IT exporter with 2,26,000 employees, has topped the Business Today-Indicus survey of 'India's Best Companies to Work for' for the first time.

Top - 2 - Infosys: For nearly three decades, Infosys had been used to one-way communication with employees through 'town hall' meetings and InfyTV, an internal network.

Top - 3 - Wipro: Wipro IT giant Wipro lost out to its rival during recession but the company is slowly pulling itself back into the race.

Top - 4 - IBM: IBM believes that a sense of purpose drives an organisation more than money, says Chandrasekhar Sripada, the HR Head.

Top - 5 - Google: Googlers, as the employees are called, joke that they gain weight after joining the company.

Top - 6 - Reliance Communications: Reliance Communications puts its money where its mouth is, sponsoring a good idea from an employee from start to finish.

Top - 7 - Microsoft: Microsoft India's appeal does not end with flexible hours.

Top - 8 - Accenture: Accenture has taken to reverse mentoring, in which young employees teach the older ones a thing or two. Accenture has two of the unique practices.

Top - 9 - HCL: HCL is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market, started its business in 1976.

Top - 10 - L&T: L&T has a problem. According to M.S. Krishnamoorthy, the company's VP (Human Resources), it has strong rivals in electrical and automation, from where it can poach good talent.

Source: Yahoo

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