Friday, October 7, 2011

Aakash Tablet - Price of Aakash Tablet, Features of Aakash Tablet

Introduction to Aakash Tablet

Did you hear this great news ? Indian government released a new tablet computer which will be helpful for the students and the price of this tablet for students is only Rs. 1400/- The name of this nano tablet is Aakash Tablet and If you do not know what is Aakash Tablet then you can get knowledge about Aakash Tablet from here.

Aakash Tablet is prototypes name of Sakshat and is a tablet computer and The commercial version of the tablet will be retailed under the brand name UbiSlate

Price of Aakash Tablet

Rs. 2276/-

Rs. 1400/- for students

Rs. 3000/- will be sold in market from November 2011

Features of Aakash Tablet

(1) 7 inch (18 cm) touch screen

(2) It have 256 MB RAM

(3) 2 GB external memory and it can be expandable to 32 GB

(4) Having Multimedia Player

(5) Wi - Fi internet function

(6) Battery back up of near about 3 hours (180 minutes)

(7) Headset Controls

Students can access 70000 e-books and 2100 e-journals across 1500 colleges in India

Image of Aakash Tablet

Aakash Tablet

I think its one of best low price computer based device specially for Indian Students.

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